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COMIC REVIEW: Let Me In: Crossroads

Posted on April 9, 2011

Writer: Marc Adreyko

Art: Patric Reynolds (pencils), Dave Stewart (colors), Sean Phillips (cover)

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Release Date: December 8, 2010 (Issue #1) / September 13, 2011 (TPB)

If the first issue of a miniseries doesn’t do its job in grabbing my interests, I usually don’t commit in finishing the story. But once and a while, I do make those exceptions. I read the first issue of Let Me In: Crossroads, and it didn’t impress me too much. I appreciated the gritty artwork from Patric Reynolds and Dave Stewart, but the story itself didn’t win me over. But being a fan of both the Swedish and American films that this comic is based of off, I decided to finish reading it. To my surprise, writer Marc Adreyko did a pretty good job in concluding this short mini-series.

While the second part of miniseries was more of the first (with nothing really happening), the third issue final brought some interesting moments. As some of the events that occurred were pretty predictable, like Abby befriending the little boy, Johnny, it finally brought some conflict into the story. Thomas and his affection towards Abby is illustrated in a very amiable fashion, yet at the same time, is somewhat sickening. They also introduced another character, who ends up being as twisted as the story’s premise.

As the tension boiled towards the series’ climax, innocent lives were taken, and chaos ensued, which got me to think about the two movies (the original Swedish movie, Let the Right One In, and the American remake, Let Me In). What got me to really enjoy the two films was that it allowed me to question the themes of true love and the act of murder, two elements that the stories heavily touch upon. As I read this final chapter of Crossroads, it definitely got me to come back to these themes, and like a true horror story, it doesn’t give you any true answers.

While I jumped on the “boring train” reading the first issue, it ended up being a pretty good read towards the end. It definitely gave me the same uneasy feeling as the films did during its closing scene. Would I suggest this to people? Probably not. I'm going to assume that this short story was made specifically for fans of the two original films. I mean, this is a prequel to Let Me In after all. So if you haven't seen the film, I don't suggest you picking this up. If you have, you might just like it.

6.5 out of 10
Review by: Richard Fagel

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