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GEEK GAL of the MONTH: Tanya Tate

Posted on June 1, 2011

For our first edition of GGotM, we have Tanya Tate, an adult actress who loves comics, cosplay and anything Disney. We've bumped into Tanya several times at some local comic conventions, but we never really had a chance to really talk to her. Well, she was kind enough to give us a little bit of her time so she could answer a few questions! How awesome is that?

C4G: Hi Tanya! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Tanya: Yes, I’m Tanya Tate, I have a sexy Superhero blog called which follows my adventures cosplaying at different comic conventions, as well as my blogging about the cool stuff in the superhero genre. I’m also an an award winning adult actress who makes NSFW movies. I’m from England, now living in Los Angeles.

The blog goes heavy on “sexy,” but in a fun way and doesn’t cross the line into my other work. I’m not ashamed of adult entertainment, but I do want to keep things separate. When I talk about JustaLottaTanya, I make sure to say “It’s SFW!” That’s kind of how the blog came about. I wanted a “safe for work” place to be myself and talk about my hobby without getting into the adult stuff and make it more available to more readers who might not want to see the adult stuff.

C4G: So Tanya, how long have you been into comic books? And how did you get into it?

Tanya: I’ve been reading comics since I was little, but the ones I read were probably not big in the U.S. I always would read the mischievous kids ones like Bash Street Kids, Beryl the Peril, Dastardly Dan in The Dandy and The Beano.

As for Superheroes, I’ve loved that genre since as long as I can remember. My first introduction to that world was from the Hulk TV show and the Superman movies.

C4G: We've read on your blog that you've got into collecting superhero figurines. Do you have any other geeky hobbies?

Tanya: This may not be considered "geeky," but I’m a huge Disney fan. I’m an annual Disneyland pass holder! I don't just collect the Blu-rays, but the special editions too. I find it hard to resist picking up a stuffed toy whenever I go by the Disney Store. My twitter followers and fans know this and have even taken to sending me Disney gifts. But, no plans for me to dress up as Cinderella... yet, haha.

C4G: So, what got you into cosplaying?

Tanya: Totally by accident. As I mentioned, I’ve always been a superhero fan and in 2009, by coincidence, I went to San Diego for a shoot the same weekend as Comic Con. I was floored! There were superheroes everywhere. It really looked like a lot of fun. So the next year, I ordered an Emma Frost costume and went to SDCC. The reaction I received was incredible. I couldn’t take a step without people wanting to take a picture with me. Afterward, pictures of me in that little Emma Frost costume were everywhere!, Getty, Bleeding Cool, Super Hero Hype, etc. It’s fun, sexy, I enjoy doing it.

C4G: Do you have a favorite superhero? Supervillain?

Tanya: Hero-wise, I really like the Hulk, he would just smash everything out of the way for me. As for villain, I like Dr. Doom. Very evil!

C4G: If you had to be one superhero, who would it be and why?

Tanya: I looove Emma Frost. If I could be her, I would. She wears all the revealing costumes and is able to read into other peoples minds. Win/Win.

C4G: Do you have a favorite superhero movie?

Tanya: Superman II. The first superhero movie I ever seen and still my fav.

C4G: If you were to be saved by one superhero, who would you want to rescue you, and how would you repay them?

Tanya: Thor. And how would I repay him? I think I could make a joke about lifting his hammer but I’ll refrain.

C4G: If you had to pick another adult actress to be your sidekick, who would you pick and why?

Tanya: Lexi Belle, I love her! She’s cute, hot and when we weren’t out saving the world we could be doing naughty things.

C4G: Would you consider doing a scene in costume?

Tanya: Funny you should mention that as I’m planning on doing some scenes for my newly launched members website. So if any of your readers have a dirty little scenario they want to see played out, tweet me. (

C4G: How about cosplaying for one of your live shows?

Tanya: It’s a possibility if enough cosplay fans requested it, I would do it for sure.

C4G: What upcoming conventions should your fans expect to see you at?

Tanya: I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con dressed as Electra-Woman. I plan on going to Long Beach Comic Con, Wizard World L.A. and Comikaze in costume. And I’ll be appearing, as myself, at Exxxotica Chicago, Exxxotica L.A. and Adultcon.

C4G: What would you do if there was an zombie apocalypse?

Tanya: Haha! I just finished a Stephen King book about that called "Cell," where people were turned into zombies via their cell phones. I would do my best to survive of course! Shoot a few in the brain and burn the rest.

C4G: Marvel or DC?

Tanya: I hate that question, because I like both! Don’t make me decide! Haha!

Well there you have it! Some pretty awesome answers from Tanya. Too bad she wasn't able to give us a direct answer to the Marvel/Dc question, Haha. But hey, I like them both too, so I'd probably say the same thing.

If you guys see her at any upcoming conventions, make sure to say hi to her. She's really nice and outgoing, and I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't mind if you took a picture with her.

Check out Tanya's blog at, and don't forget to follow her on Twitter:


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  1. Thanks so much! I’m really excited about being your Geek Babe of the Month!

  2. I’d totally smash her Asgard.

  3. wow, this is so cool. i’ve checked out her blog, and ya, she is genuinely geeky. she collects a whole bunch of stuff, she blogs whenever a new movie comes out, and it seems like shes going to be a columnist for a superhero website. that is so awesome.

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