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X-Men: First Class Continuity Errors

Posted on June 5, 2011

It has already been established that X-Men: First Class is the official prequel to all the other X-Men films. The movie explains the origins and upbringing of the mutant team, as well as their archnemesis, Magneto. Now, I've seen the film, and I really enjoyed it (read my review HERE), but there are a crap load of continuity problems amongst the five movies.


After my first screening of the movie, I noticed a whole bunch of inconsistencies within the X-Men movie timeline, as I'm sure you probably did too. Curious to know what they messed up? Here's a list of continuity errors:

  • At the end of First Class, we see the incident that paralyzes Professor X from the waist down. Mind you, this movie takes place in the 60s. In the movie, The Last Stand, the opening scene shows Professor X walking, which is set to be 80s.
  • In the same opening scene in The Last Stand, Xavier and Magneto are still friends. In First Class, they have already went their separate ways.
  • In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we also see Professor X standing at the end of the film.
  • Back to the Wolverine movie, during the escape of Three Mile Island, we see Emma Frost as a teenager. In First Class (which happens years before), she is an adult. Of course, they never mentioned her name in the movie, but the actress was credited as "Emma Frost."
  • In the first X-Men movie, Xavier states that his first meeting with Magneto was when they were teenagers. In First Class, they are grown men the first time they meet.
  • In X2, we see Beast in human form. In First Class, we see him transform from human to blue mutant. Unless he was able to transform himself back to human, and decided to turn himself blue again in The Last Stand, that just wouldn't make any sense.
  • First Class establishes that Hank McCoy (Beast) was the one who built Cerebro. In the first movie, Professor X explains that he built it with the help of Magneto.
  • Because it was stated that Magneto helped Professor X construct Cerebro, Magneto was able to build a helmet that was impervious to telepathy. Well in First Class, Magneto merely takes the helmet from Sebastian Shaw.
  • In First Class, during the scene when Xavier uses Cerebro for the first time, we see a young Storm cameo. That would mean Storm in the trilogy should be about 50 years old. I'm sure this was made clearly for fan service, but I'm just sayin'.
  • In The Last Stand, Mystique becomes cured from her mutation, where we see her revert into a brunette. In First Class, she's a blonde. First Class also establishes that her blue form is her "true" form, which means she was born blue. If being "cured" in The Last Stand means she gains a human appearance, I'm going to assume that she had normal skin before her blueish scales. So which one came first?
  • Moira Mactaggert seems to look about the same age in both First Class and The Last Stand, which is set decades apart.
  • There is no Stan Lee cameo.

There are probably a few more, but that's all I can remember for now. And as much as this movie had problems keeping true to the previous films' continuity, I say, fuck it. First Class was great (I liked it a lot), and just because it doesn't follow up on the last movies, that should not take away from how good it was. I mean, they do this all the time in comic books. Tons of writers would take certain key points from previously established storylines so they can create new, unique and interesting stories for readers to get involved with. X-Men: First Class is the same thing.

And besides, because of Bishop and Cable time traveling everywhere (or should I say... everywhen), the X-Men universe has tons of different timelines. Maybe First Class is just another alternate universe? Who knows. Regardless of all the continuity problems that exists in this movie, I say, just take First Class as a complete reboot, and disregard the last movies.

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  1. The cure actually gets rid of the mutation, which is what caused Mystique’s blue skin, so that totally makes sense.

    I think the movie ties in quite nicely to X-Men 1 and 2, but pretends 3 and Origins don’t happen. This makes sense, since Bryan Singer directed 1 and 2 and directed this one, so you could say that X1-3 and Origins are one continuity, and that First Class, 1 and 2 are another.

    Or you could make it easier by pretending that Xavier regained the ability to walk and then lost it again sometime between 1962 and 2000. This happens multiple times in the comics so its not that far fetched.

    • well not exactly ” X1-3 and Origins are one continuity” because in x3 charles walks. the explanation i find is that it was kind of a flash back fom when they were recluting mutants”sort of”. the only problem with my explanation is the actors and age.

    • I was gonna say the samething about both points you made. Chuck lost and regained his legs multiple time. Read the Wiki about it,,, its kind of funny. He walks then doesnt then walks then doesnt then walks then he basically gives up. jk, BUt funny.

    • Those are a lot of errors but, for all intensive purposes it could be some form of reboot. In the end, I agree, it is a great movie. I saw it in theaters, just purchased it on blu-ray and its still great.

    • Singer didnt direct First Class. He was part of it but didn’t direcct it

    • Ya but marvel should put the explinations in the sequals for instence xavier gets cured by a mutant in first class 2 or 3 and in wolviren 2 pr 3 the mutant dies and so xavier get cripled agian as a sideafect. and 20 is closse aghuf to 17. and maby him and magneto grt back together this happens multiple times in the comics two. and then built cerebro and split agien

      • Learn how to spell. That was painful to read.

        • Don’t be an arrogant asshole. It is annoying when someone can’t spell, but it is more upsetting when a person like you acts like a little bitch about it.

        • It’s also annoying when said complainers on the Net know nothing of a persons background and language skills. Maybe the guys/gal types phonetically.

          Why do so many assume that English is the language of the internet and all users should know how to write it well.

    • Xavier regaining the ability to walk isn’t that hard to believe since between 1962 and the 80s when the last stand early part with him and magneto appear he might have had surgery or had some limited healing, with the injuries taking his ability to walk again later in life as age causes his body to deteriorate

      As to the origins of cerebro it’s possible that Xavier managed to get magneto to agree to try and solve the mutant problems without violence. magneto then works at the school for a period during which he helps Xavier and Beast build a second Cerebro since the first was destroyed in the attack on the CIA site. During the building Xavier develops a way to get through the first helmet that Magneto stole from Shaw, with Magneto finding a way to reclaim that immunity later after leaving for a second time after the meeting with the young Jean Grey. After all in X3 magneto does seem to have had a falling out over Xavier’s treatment of Jean which causes the Phoenix personality, marking a second falling out perhaps.

      Magneto and Xavier’s first meeting is a problem but since Xavier’s ability to sense mutants depends on a persons mind its possible they did meet at seventeen and he didn’t recognise Magneto when they met a second time in 1962. It would also explain the problem of him meeting Wolverine for the first time in 1962 and not seeming to recognise him in X1 because the original personality in 1962 would have been James Logan whilst the personality in X1 is the damaged version caused by being shot in origins.

      Mystique’s appearance could be simply her choice. Since Xavier has blondish hair maybe she chose a blonde appearance to maintain the illusion of brother and sister, whilst her genetics gave her the brunette hair after the cure was administered.

      As for Emma Frost the version in origins could be a namesake niece who takes on her aunts name afterwards, since her sister is Kayla Silverfox and the origins version only appears to have the diamond form but no telepathic abilities.

      • thanks for saving it for me lol

      • The Xavier walking stuff isn’t too hard to get round – Charles can make people see what he wants them to see – He may have stayed in the car at Jean Grays and just projected a “walking version” of himself into their minds, Magneto isn’t wearing his helmet so to him Xavier would be right next to him. Likewise in Origins, he is on the jet but projects a walking version if himself to reassure the escapees and get them on the jet quickly.

    • Bryan Singer didnt direct First Class genious

  2. Sorry, I meant to say Bryan Singer produced First Class, not directed

  3. Did Ian McKellan speak with a British accent in the other X-men movies? I noticed Michael Fassbender spoke with a different accent in this one hahah

    • He didn’t intentionally speak in an English or British accent, because Magneto is not British, but Ian McClellan is English…so he sounded English. Fassbender was perfect!

  4. @Devilmaydance, that still doesn’t completely solve the numerous continuity errors. It goes against a fair bit of stuff established in X-Men 1 & 2.

    Also, in the first X-Men movie, Xavier says that Scott, Jean and Ororo were his first students… but here he already has an entire fucking team.

    • Xavier doesn’t call himself Professor till the end of the film. So he never thought the first class mutants were his students, they were his team. He just helped them in Proffessor X fashion. So Scott, Jean and Ororo could still be his first students


        • I truly am trying to help you with the following list. These kind of misspellings take away any point you try to make.
          tecknickly = technically
          yer right = you’re (or you are) right
          originels = originals
          repedidly = repeatedly
          mintchend = mentioned

        • aflynn,

          I truly am trying to help you with the following list of corrections for this and a few more of your posts:

          tecknickly = technically
          yer right = you’re (or you are) right
          originels = originals
          repedidly = repeatedly
          mintchend = mentioned
          seryes = series
          wach = watch
          agen = again
          chariter = character
          perfictly = perfectly

          I hope this helps. Good luck in the future.

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          • Trying to help,


            You don’t want to help this person and you know you are just trying to make yourself feel superior, because when you look in the mirror you see ugliness and ineptitude.

            Good luck in the future dick face.

            Get back to topic.

        • i fucking hate you

        • Do you have a dictionary at all?

          • Dear Lunaeros,

            Leave the people alone about the spelling issues. Just read the Fuckin’ posts and reply you little bitchy baby. Save your bitching for someone who cares about you. I say this assuming that there is someone left in the world that does care about you.

        • Angel has angel wings dumbass, he’s also blonde and muscular making him look like an angel. The girl in first class is a different person with the same code name

      • Lies!lol When the girl goes to look for him at the bar she says, “~professor I need to talk to you about mutations” when he tries to hit on her.

        • then wach the fucken film agen she says “~professor I need to talk to you about mutations” then he says “im still not a professor yet”

          • For the love of god, man: Speak. Proper. English.

            I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. However, writing comments in ‘text-speak’ makes you seem like a chavy 12 year old, and so substantially undermines any point you are making.

          • what if i am 12

          • I really battle to understand what you are saying.. or trying to say… wow.. I come from Africa and even I spell better than that. Oh and it is NOT my home language…

      • Xavier says they were “among” his first students

    • He said that they were STUDENTS. The origin teamwasn’t technically his students…

      • Xavier also said “i’m going to teach you…” how to control their powers. They were in a private institution with a professor being instructed… How weren’t they technically students?

    • Quit bitching about this and go get laid or something. It’s just a comic book and I love comics, but chill the fuck out. It is not a continuity issue, because it is a revamped story arch or a different movie. Think of it as a reboot. Nobody is talking about this shit with Spider-man & Amazing Spider-man, because apparently Spider-man fans get the idea. I grew up on X-Men and I love it, but some of you people are retards. It is not meant to be the same series. The whole reason Beast is cat-like is that he is the Astonishing X-Men Beast and the other Movies are utilizing a more traditional Beast design. Two different stories with two different Beast versions and two Emma Frost characters. How hard is it for people to get simple shit? Go read Charlie Brown or Archie comics if you can’t understand simple shit like this.

      • Actually the two Spider-Man franchises were clearly indicated as a reboot. The people behind First Class would never give a clear answer and having seen the movie, I’m pretty sure they couldn’t decide. Half the time they seemed to strive to be a prequel and at other times they didn’t. But when you have an almost exact copy of the Magneto origin from the first X-Men movie and then tack on a little more information you are setting yourself up to be in the same continuity.

      • It has been clearly stated (by Singer himself, I believe) that First Class is in the same continuity as the previous movies. Is that enough “simple shit” for you?

  5. The whole blonde/brunette thing is dumb. Girls can dye their hair.

    Additionally just because the cure makes her human doesn’t mean she had to be human first, it just removed or cured the mutant gene. In theory a mutant born as a dragon could take that cure and look human for the first time.

    • I think that although it may have many continuity errors such as the Xavier and the wheelchair they did a good job creating the film. The bullet to the spine at the end makes it more dramatic and intense and shows the greater separation between Magneto and Xavier. Lol, when they met Wolverine, I was surprised that they didn’t try to persuade him to join them.

      • yes i do agree and that one lineer they gave him fits his chariter perfictly

      • they didn’t because it would make another inconsistency which would be in the 1st movie they met wolverine for the first time while in first class they already had a lot of convo pursuing him joining the team.

        • Btw in wolverine he does loose his memory, so technically wolverine met Xavior before Scott Jean and the rest and maybe Xavior forgot, he does go through many peoples minds u know lol, or Xavior didnt want wolverine knowing him before…

      • JYPark is awesome! Thank goodness there is somebody in the world with some common F-in’ sense.

      • Dead easy as to why they didn’t, Xavier had already “scanned” Logan and knew that it was a bust, after all he could have controlled him into joining them or hearing them out – but he knew he was damaged goods and not what they needed. They had to go and try to “mark him off the list”. That would also lend itself to the way he treats Logan later, friendly, sympathetic but a little wary and not “unlocking his mind” as he wants him to do, cos he knows how bad it all is in there and he is better off not remembering.

      • at that time he didnt have metal claws right?? that is, if there is any way that the continuity is actually in line

    • As far as the Mystique thing goes: The form she took in first class was HER choice, since she can take any form she likes. So her being cured would make her the way she would be without the mutant gene.

    • Okay, Mutant abilities and changes begin during puberty. Their are no mutant babies. lol. When have you every seen a mutant toddler mind fuck his mom to get some toy at the store.

      • Actually there are mutant babies. In many of the comics it is implied Nightcrawler was born looking the way he does when grown. Blue, tailed, 3 fingered and 2 toed. Also in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine comic it is shown that Logan/James gets his mutant abilities before hitting puberty. Its just more common that mutant abilities come at puberty but does not mean its the only time they do.

    • Most mutations dont occur till puberty, therefore she could have been born pink skinned like us.

  6. If you want to get technical Alex Summers was Scott’s little brother. Talk about time displacement.

    • Totally forgot about that one. Yes in the “reality” of the movies, Alex is apparently Scott’s father instead of his brother. I look at the movies as an alternate reality no different than the ones the Exiles encounter. I’m more concerned (mildly concerned) with continuity errors within the “reality” of the movies.

  7. Stuff like name’s and little cameos aren’t enough to break continuity. I can watch the whole Hank McCoy/Sebastian Shaw interview and X2 and be totally fine with it, names are just names, and they didn’t expand on those little cameos, no big deal.

    As for Scott, Jean and Storm being Xavier’s first students, well, technically the X-Men in first class weren’t his students, he was just working with them. When Xavier rescued the kids at the end of Origins, that could have been when he actually started teaching young mutants.

    Moira Mactaggert in X3 can easily First Class’ Moira Mactaggerts daughter, or something like that.

    Of course, if the First Class series continues to ignore the X3 and Origins movies, then we don’t have to worry about that continuity. But the little mentions of backstory and cameos in X1 and 2 don’t majorly contradict with anything in First Class.

    • no i disagree with you, these things like the timelines, names, age including the cameos are vital components of a movie if it is set to have prequels and sequels otherwise the fans especially the die-hard ones would be confused and annoyed. if theres a backstory to every character, events etc. its better to stick with it rather than deviate from it.

      • I agree! It is better if the writers and directors keep within the context and continuity of the story, but it is also okay to start over or reboot the series. I enjoyed most of these movies and I am a diehard Deadpool fan. I wish they had simply made him the Deadpool I love in Origins, but it’s better to get Barakapool than no Pool at all. Weapon 11 is better than nothing and at least we got the part at the beginning where he whoops some a$$.

  8. Well I agree with all you said here but… as for Mistique in the first class she was blond because she (I assume) chosen to mimic this colour of her hair and then in the last stand she turned into a woman with her ‘natural’ hair… all the other mistakes are annoying (I also loved the film) but for goodness sake you can’t just pretend these other franchises didn’t happen – it’s silly. they did happen! and it is annoying that producers and directors couldn’t stick to the story… I mean how difficult can it be?

    The Moira thing – well I watched the last stand just now and i think some women just don’t age so let’s say visibly however her accent in the last stand and the first class hahaha two different people =D

    I hate the fact that they made xavier crippled now and that they didnt stick to the magneto story: cerebro and the helemets origins. I mean I loved that they made it henks idea (we all know magneto only helped to built cerebro not to invent it) but there are so many possibilities and options for alternate endings that even I could come up with some better fitting into the storyline.

    as much as i loved the movie we cannot pretend its a different production or separete film simply too many references to the previous productions) said that I still enjoyed it sooo very freaking much!!!

    • I agree with you. Continuity problems are very annoying. It bothered me so much in the Star Wars movies and now they are doing it with x-men. Whats the deal with Sabertooth in X-1 as well. Is that supposed to be Wolverines brother because he acts nothing like Victor in origins. And he sure goes down a lot easier. I would have no problem just writing it off as a different character except the issue comes up of whatever happened to Victor, he just completely dissapears from the saga? So annoying…

      • Sabretooth is NOT Wolverines’s brother

        • It is implied in the X-Men comic Origin that Wolverine (aka James Howlett) is related to Victor (Sabretooth) If you read the book you will understand what I mean. Intitally, the writers of the comics intended for Sabretooth to be Wolvie’s Daddy, but over time they decided that he made more sense as a sibling. I believe it is a much better idea to make them brothers and I enjoyed that idea in both the book and the movie. In the older Wolverine comics Sabretooth always visited Wolverine on his birthday, so it makes sense that there would be some reason why he would know when his birthday is. Think about it like going home for the holidays to a dysfunctional family reunion where you and your brother get into a drunken brawl. It’s not so far fetched and it was good. The issue I had was that they did not expand more into his Origin and they brought a shitty Deadpool into it. I love Deadpool, but it could have been better.

  9. -Professor X walking, which is set to be 80s
    Clearly, this is an astral projection of Xavier, much like Emma making time with the Russian guy.
    -Emma in XMOW
    This is an astral projection of Emma, one with a slightly different crystal form to throw Charles off her trail so she can infiltrate the X-Men in First Class 3: Third Class, which will be in 1985.
    -Xavier meets Magneto when he’s 17
    Don’t you know Charles is a notorious liar?
    -Beast in X2
    Mutants are largely unknown until the end of X2. Beast has a ‘stunt double’ for his public speaking.
    -Magneto built Cerebro, then Hank built it:
    I think you noticed that Cerebro is shiny in the first X film. Why? Magneto recalled the general design in First Class and built a shiny one for Emma, one that Charles managed to steal later.
    -Magneto’s helmet
    Did you somehow not notice the helmets had many different designs?
    -Storm and Cyclops in XMFC
    These are kids, more than likely Storm’s white haired mom and just a kid with glasses.
    -Mystique reverts to Rebecca Romjin
    I think most keen eyed folks noticed the cure doesn’t really work, IE Magneto at the end. This was just the first hint that it didn’t.
    That chick in X3? Her name was Moira, and that was all. She was never last named.. I think?

    Here’s a free one again.
    -Sabretooth is feral in X1 but ‘normal’ in XMOW
    Beast gave Mystique two ‘cure syringes’. One was used on herself, to make her ‘everything she should be’ (and therefore able to instantly copy fingerprints and retinas) which also messes with her powers so the cure didn’t take awhile to work like it did with Magneto. The other was given to Sabretooth, who goes from normal looking to super beastial.

    • Beast only gave her one syringe he took the other one back to his lab and used it on imself after she told him she didn’t want to do it.

    • having read your comment more carefully I have to ask, have you seen the movie, your explinations really don’t hold up at all

      • He’s just Fuckin’ around. It’s called sarcasm genius. You know that saying things like this are the reason you will never find a suitable mate Samthepsycicclam

    • True true but it’s cute you’re trying to make it look like one whole and undisturbed timeline =D for what’s it worth it did make me smile lol =D

    • ha ha ha you fucked up beast gave her two and took one she was leaft whith one. so what they split the needil? that dont make sense cus sabbertooth aint blueish.And besides magneto got stuffed whit like 5 and she got shot whith one

      • crap it was saposed to go to KP
        btw Samthpsycicclamlol did not see your responce

      • it’s a genetic medicine not sleeping pills!!! one or 5 don’t make any difference!!!


          • well, you didn’t completely understand me. Genetic medicine is different than other kind of medicine. it doesn’t matter how much more you take! the example u said is totally true about regular medicine but about genetic medications the extra dose doesn’t accelerate it or don’t make the effects stay longer

    • Just pretend Origins isn’t part of it in the Sabretooth aspect. Sabretooth isn’t Wolverine’s brother

      • Based on the Wolverine books he started out as Wolverine’s Dad. Claremont designed the pointy hair to be what wolverine looked like under his mask…later…a Sabretooth character trait, but later they gave that design to Logan (Wolverine) Wolverine was originally a blonde with Sabretooth’s haircut, but later they changed it to brown and eventually black hair when he took off the mask. Claremont and others wanted Wolvie’s daddy to be Sabretooth (an abusive parent) and later on they decided that brothers made more sense. It wasn’t until the Origin comic book that we finally knew for sure that Dog & Logan were half-brothers and that Dog eventually becomes Sabretooth. If we look at the way the two change throughout the book you can see this. In some of the X-Men books at the time of Origins, Sabretooth (Victor Creed) had the same scar as Dog. They make sense as brothers to me. I like it better. One illegitimate son raised in the manor and another abused. Because of how they were raised, they grew into two different men. I think it is better than the original idea of making them father and son.

  10. It’s been established that this was a stand-alone film, not meant to tie into the other existing x-men movies. This entire article is pointless.

  11. I think that although it may have many continuity errors such as the Xavier and the wheelchair they did a good job creating the film. The bullet to the spine at the end makes it more dramatic and intense and shows the greater separation between Magneto and Xavier. Lol, when they met Wolverine, I was surprised that they didn’t try to persuade him to join them.

  12. I think that although it may have many continuity errors such as the Xavier and the wheelchair they did a good job creating the film. The bullet to the spine at the end makes it more dramatic and intense and shows the greater separation between Magneto and Xavier. Lol, when they met Wolverine, I was surprised that they didn’t try to persuade him to join them.

    • Oh yeah and the Wolverine thing was a nice touch

    • They were there to do exactly that (not sure how you missed that). His antagonistic response to them just identifying themselves indicated that recruiting him might be more trouble than it was worth (something Charles could quickly confirm telepathically), so they immediately gave up and left. If we are assuming a continuity between this film and the original trilogy despite the errors, Logan would not yet have his adamantium implants (we can’t know exactly how old Brian Cox’s Stryker would be, but that’s his father in the scene where Charles, Moira and Raven address the CIA), so he would not have been as valuable to Charles and Erik as he would be years later.

  13. The biggest continuity problem for me wasn’t between the different movies, but one within this film itself. The explanation that the mutants developed as a result of radiation from the Bomb doesn’t follow when Shaw and Magneto already have mutant powers in 1944.

    • well it’s totally scientific! mutation in real life can happen from any powerful stuff such as smoking, alcohol, chemicals, and radiation or your cells can just mutate for no good reason. in fact it does happen in our bodies, for example, cancer is the most common mutation. that was little background on mutation.

      and now tey never said the mutatnt happened all because of any bombs!!!

    • “…mutants developed as a result of radiation from the Bomb…”

      That’s not what was said in the film. When Charles addresses the CIA, he says that the bomb accelerated a process that was already occurring naturally.

  14. The explaination for a human looking Beast in X2 compared to First Class can be justified by saying that he was using an image inducer. Beast and Nightcrawler used to use them all the time in the comics in order to look human.

  15. How about when Xavier and magneto are still friends when they recruit Jean.

    • the part of the whole story that u didn’t get is that xavier and erik were always friends, even though they had separate ways. for, example in the first movie they met and talked in the congress building and in x2 he gave erik visits in prison. and in last stand erik got upset and kinda screamed for him when charles died.
      they fought against but never tried to destroy each other.
      simply they were always friends, with different ways.

      • Thank You for pointing this out!

      • i think the point is that they were not friendly enough that they were recruiting together and got Jean together that doesnt make sense. I agree with what people have said that even though the movies have been made by different people they should follow the original story line. It’s like me writing a squeal to a popular book but changing what happened in the past…its just wrong. Either keep to it or dont do it. Those who wrote first class should explain all the holes and put all this back and forth of fans to rest.

  16. Two things: 1- the nazis were in Villa gesel, Argentina. They showed a place with mountains and snow. I grew up in villa gesel and this place is by the atlantic ocean, you will see a mountain only if you drink a whole bottle of vodka.
    There is no mountains and has never snowed in there. But…who cares right? People is stupid.
    Also, why is it that the black guy is the one that dies first? I am not black, but I would feel ofended if I would be.

    • What? The black guy doesn’t die first, unless and ~*~ SPOILERS~*~ Erik’s mother, the two nazis, and the dozens of agents die first.

      • I want to send this little help to the producers of this film

        I think that Arty means of the first death into the mutants class

        • Yeah, the Black guy is totally the first mutant to die. That and all the mutants of color (literally and figuratively)* go to the “dark side” with Magneto/Erik–the Jew. Also, the only woman of color is intensely sexualized and the only Latino gets, like, zero lines to speak.

          This is *not* a good movie to be a non-WASP in. Of course, the 60′s were not a good era in which to be non-WASP as well. Someone quipped with a more than a twinge of accuracy that if Darwin evolves to survive, the first thing he should have evolved was whiteness.

          That’s all I got.

          *Yes, I know Beast is blue, but he starts out white. Let’s assume his identification is still based on the first 20 years of his life and not his newfound blueness. As opposed to Mystique who’s been blue and scaly forever, and whose choice to appear as a blonde haired white woman in the 1960′s is very telling.

          • Don’t be stupid. I’m mixed and I don’t identify with any race specifically. I can pull of Tan white person or light black person or Latin American or whatever. The point is that race is retarded and who cares who dies first. If the black guy dies, at least we are at a time where the black guy gets a part in the movie. I am glad that multiple races even get to be in the movie at all. I would say that people worry too much about race. I am Irish, Black, Indian from India, Native American, Dutch, and Korean. Race is not important and people need to understand this Fact.

  17. I just want to point out that Singer et al. have come forward to say that this is basically a new continuity of X-Men movies; First Class was not meant strictly as a prequel to the older X-Men movies (especially Last Stand, which Singer had no involvement with) so much as it is a reboot of the franchise, akin to “Batman Begins” not being in the same continuity as 1989′s Batman, Batman Returns, etc.

    • Its not a reboot- Hugh Jackmans Wolverine proves it. You dont see Tommy Lee Jones or Michael Keaton (or Adam West) popping up in the new Batman franchise. Jackman ties ALL the X films together making it ALL one continuity

      • Fuck off needle dick. Hugh is in it because he’s great! Suck a dick prick. Another Internet Guy needs to learn that movies are movies. Like it or don’t watch it. Most of all, shut the fuck up.

    • I just want to point out that Singer himself has come forward to say that this is basically the same continuity of X-Men movies; First Class was indeed meant strictly as a prequel to the older X-Men movies, absolutely not as a reboot of the franchise.

  18. I just saw the movie last night and LOVED it. As a Xmen fan since I was little, I have been disappointed to some point in all the movies, but it hasn’t stopped me from still enjoying them. The error that really stood out to my husband and I watching the film last night was near the end when Mystique goes out to help…… was she able to shift into Shaw without ever seeing what he looked like? I liked the bullet to the spine bit because it showed how much Magneto really cares for Xavier and respects their friendship, but how their differences in opinion/life are unfortunate and devastating. The group in First Class were not his students, merely a team brought together. Xavier is still learning, himself, in this movie and his understanding, innocence, intelligence and naivety are merely molding and forming. An experiment of sorts. Magneto and Xavier established that they were going to go different ways and had different goals in mind, but they never have ended their friendship. So why couldn’t they get back together to find Jean Gray? I loved Wolverine in First Class. It was perfect. Sabertooth also disappointed me in a big way in the previous film, but the biggest disappoint to me was Mariko’s and Wolverine’s storyline. An earlier comment was correct, that there are exponentially numerous stories that can evolve from the Xmen stories, and I think the writers did an excellent job with First Class. I would like to see more of Phoenix in the future. And maybe Magique. The time traveling of Cable and Bishop certainly always changed things. Batman and Xmen are my all time favorites and I can’t tell you how much I anticipate future films!!!!!

  19. From above ” The error that really stood out to my husband and I watching the film last night was near the end when Mystique goes out to help… how was she able to shift into Shaw without ever seeing what he looked like” :-) Exactly, I was about to post the same thing. And even if she did see Shaw (correct me if I’m wrong) but it seems to me she certainly never saw his helmet!!! lol. Still, you could always explain it by Xavier reading magneto’s mind at this point and projecting that seen picture of Shaw into Mystique’s mind… Regardless of all the errors, I had a seriously good ride. Definitely one of the best X-men movies.

    • I thought this was a mistake too, but it’s not. She changed into him wearing the same outfit he was wearing when he invaded the CIA base. It was actually a good catch on the filmmakers part.

      • I actually just came back here ‘caus I just remembered he turned up at the CIA base with the helmet, but wasn’t sure which outfit he was wearing on that day and was about to ask the question. Was it the same then? In this case very good catch indeed! Thanks for the post.

  20. if this is a new continuity then the errors are minimum however I have found most of the time that errors happen is when you have a writer that has not watched previous movies or episodes of whatever project they are working on. also I submit that whoever is in charge of continuity in the movie should also be familiar with previous movies to catch errors such as these. In other words they need to hire some of us to do that:P

  21. In first class, Mystique uses her blonde form as her look in front of humans, but her real look is blue, so when her mutation goes away, she became what she would’ve looked like if she was human. The blonde form is probably someone she once saw and took her look. Also Eric said that “you use half of your concentration to look normal”, so she obviously isn’t used to that look.

  22. I remember that she did say her name was Emma Frost in one of the scenes in “First Class”. Even if I MIGHT be mistaken, she says “My name is Emma Frost…” in this preview.

  23. plus also about mystique, apparently mutants don’t show signs of being mutants until they are teens

    • well yes they dont acording to x2 but kurt was born whith a devel tail and demon ears btw is his old man that red guy cus that wold make sense cus his mom is mystique and that explains the blue skin

      • lol you are actually correct in that assumption azazel and mystique are kurt wagners(nightcrawler) parents. azazel is part of a group of demon-like mutants. kurt inherits hit ability to teleport along with the teeth tail and hands and ears but he gets mystiques blue skin yellow eyes and agility (many dont know that nightcrawler is a strong fighter as well) i will say that i understand its a movie and continuity is typically not 100% ill take that but you cant throw characters that shouldnt even be born yet into a movie. alex summers(havoc) is scott summers’ (cyclops) younger brother if scott isnt born yet or is a young child then i doubt alex would even exist yet. emma frost aka the white witch should not be a grown groovy woman she and scott summers are close in age with scott being older they have a kid together “CABLE”. everything else is done very well oh and if you are wondering abotu storm she doesnt age at the same rate as other people and indeed she is older than all the other xmen so her cameo in first class isnt so farfetched. banshee is a toss up im not sure how old he is truly but they made a small error in that banshee is scottish. for banshees are in scottish myth and ancient lore.

    • In the movie she is nude and blue as a kid in Xavier’s kitchen.

  24. This movie was amazing! The only thing that would’ve made it perfect was NOT calling it a prequel to the others. Other than that, beautiful.

  25. Yes, First Class was a prequel. But what bothers me the most is that the makers of it just completely ignored the events of the previous films. They can’t just pretend they didn’t happen and start all over again; THEY DID HAPPEN. And to be honest, all these continuity errors are driving a lot of fans completely nuts. X-Men is one of my favourite movie franchises, apart from the fact that the whole thing was screwed up the makers. So what if the directors changed or whatever? What the previous directors had done needed to be taken into account when making the films, rather than the new people behind it doing whatever they want without taking into consideration how the whole X-Men story fits. I just saw First Class today, fantastic film, apart from the errors taking away from it. The X-Men franchise could have been ten times as better if everyone had worked together.

    Seen as they’re going down this route, and ignoring the small but important details of the previous films, they should just start X-Men all over again.

  26. I agree that the X movies have contained a large number of continuity errors though only us rabid fans will notice most of them. For things like when Xavier lost the use of his legs, I think we have to go with “First Class” over offhand references to when he lost them in the other movies. I can brush off Xavier appearing to be walking in the ’70s as an illusion he created. Would be nice to have further explanations. As in the comics, maybe X and Magneto occasionally reconciled a bit, explaining working together in the ’70s. I can brush off a cameo by Storm in 1962 or Emma in 1979. Maybe Storm’s mutation included a longer lifespan and, in story, the 1979 appearance was never stated to be Emma regardless of the closing credits. Most of these errors come from trying to add some detail and depth later that contradicts some earlier “facts”. Sometimes, you just have to do it. So I agree with you that this is a good movie. I liked it best of all the X movies even though I loved Stewart and McKellen as X and Magneto.

  27. This probly means they’re rebooting, OBVIOUSLY

    • Possibly but not really obvious at all. They just did the Wolverine movie a couple of years back which was clearly a prequel as is this one. A bunch of minor continuity errors doesn’t mean a prequel is a reboot. If this were an unsuccesful adaptation, it would be different but the three X movies were quite succesful and I suspect they know fans will be irritated if they entirely throw them out.

      • Final thought. if it was truly a reboot, there would be no need to set it in 1962. Some sort of similar crisis could have been set in the present. The only reason for that was so that, by the 21st century, Magneto and Xavier would be old enough to be McKellan and Stewart.The last two movies have been about filling in the events of the past.

    • If they were rebooting- why include Hugh JAckman as Wolverine?

      • Why not include Jackman. The only characters they have gotten right were Jackman as Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Fassbender as Magneto, and both Professor X’s were good. Everything else was shitty. Colossus was okay.

  28. XMen Films True Sequence:

    Origins – First Class – X1 – X2 – XMen Last Stand

    - Wolverine is immortal and very old in age, but not in appearance.
    - Emma Frost in Origins is younger than Frost in FC
    - Professor X’s used a time machine / traveled back in the time just to save those group of young mutants. There were still no XMen group in Origins, ProfX rode a chopper at the end of Origins, not a ship that was designed by Beast in FC.

    • asshole Wolverine is immortal and very old in age, but not in appearance because of his mutation is healing which is why you can soot him whith a bullit back in “Origins” and he woldent die

    • Here’s how it really goes down:

      First Class – Origins: Wolverine – X1 – X2 – X3.

      Simply because in Origins, Logan and Victor were able to fight through the Vietnam War. First Class took place during the Cold War, so there. Emma in Origins could have been a different Emma, but a very strange baby naming coincidence indeed, and also coincidentally, they have the same powers. But hey, anything is possible.

      As for Professor X walking in Origins and the flashbacks from X3, he could have been using a projection like what Emma was doing in FC with that Russian general. AND, he never truly ended his friendship with Erik, they just simply went their different ways. Many years and events passed since FC and that flashback, they might have worked together again at some point in between.

    • Well I wish it was like this because it would make better sense but Origins is set in the late 70s while First Class is set in the 60s. And nothing says there is no team of Xmen, the movie is just not about them. And Professor X can easily take a different form of transportation.

    • Not accurate, as Origins clearly ends at the Three Mile Island Disaster which was long after the Cuban Missle Crisis.

  29. I like to think of Magneto as an innovator. In 1st Class, all he did was kill a more powerful villain and usurp his henchmen, philosophy and outfit.

    Magneto went from being the #1 comic book villain of all time, to being simpleminded and angry. It was a poor handling of that character.

    Also, why did they rush things? If they plan on making another movie, why not let Eric and Charles remain friends at the end of this one? Why not let Charles keep walking? Why have Cerebro conveniently built and waiting in anticipation for the possibility of Dr. McCoy one day finding a telepath?

    There is a rich history that could have been explored in subsequent movies. Instead, they crammed it into two hours.

    • I totally agree with you Jesse 100%…. they should have not rushed it, they should have flushed these characters out, letting Erik’s and Charles’ friendship develop over the course of a few films at least, we should have seen them building Cerebro together, Also a few other problems i have with this movie…

      How did Mystique conveniently end up living with Charles at the mansion? Did his family not have anything to say about adopting a little blue girl ?

      How did Mystique go from a fairly dull, insecure and desperate for love/sex, (flirting with Charles, ‘would you date me?’, to Hank ‘your beautiful Hank, your perfect’…. and then finally with Erik, literally seducing him in bed……. to the super-intelligent, calculating, killing machine in x1, 2 and 3. (actually in X3 they just ruined the character altogether) I just don’t buy her character in first class….. she was handled perfectly in X1 and 2.

      Why show us the paralysing of Charles so early on?? could they not have let us see more of walking Charles and save that for first class 2 or 3 ??

      What was the point of making Sebastian Shaw a German Nazi back in 1944 (aka Klaus Schmidt) and then fast forward to him as an american billionaire, owner of the Hellfire Club…. which we only saw for 5 minutes, what exactly is the Hellfire club anyway (aside from a casino filled with hos ???) His character was totally confusing to me.

      The characters of Banshee, Havok, Darwin and Angel (who i could have sworn was a blonde male with huge wings in X3??) they all seemed rushed and pointless….. they seemed too young, inexperienced, weak and unconfident.

      Not sure if i liked Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn’s cameos (even though she was SUPERB as the original Mystique, the cameos were too short and Hugh looked so OLD !!! considering this was set years before the other movies.

      And lastly, they shot the scenes of the concentration camp EXACTLY the same as we have ALREADY seen in X1… if your going to tread over old ground, at least shoot it from a different perspective so that 10 minutes of film would be a little more interesting and not feel like were watching X1 all over again…

      i think Matthew Vaughn is an excellent Director, and Bryan Singers X1 and X2 were simply outstanding, though i really felt let down by first class, which i wanted to love so much :-(( anyway, guess it was better than X3 (Brett Ratner is a pig, they showed him on MTV cribs talking about ‘i cant believe im so rich, i can have any woman i want…. what a tool!’ and Origins: Wolverine…. i don’t know what they hell they were smoking when they made that trash…

      Ok , im done.

      • it was too long that i just read 2 or 3 lines and in those couple lines that i read: first of all if u watched XM Origin and X1 you would know that wolverine doesn’t get old. he’s been looking like that since the civil war.

      • ok… First off, Charles implied his parents were hardly ever there so a blue shapeshifter that could take the form of say, the nanny or cleaner when they were there covers it a little, otherwise they probably died in a skiing accident or maybe charles killed them off lol joking!
        As for mystique’s love life, she was asking her (basically) BROTHER, charles, whether she was attractive out of insecurity brought on by never showing her true self to anyone outside of their home. When she met hank, he treated mutation like a disease to be hidden at all cost, and said that she was only beautiful when she was hiding hence why she ‘dumped’ him. She then went to Erik who loved her for being her.
        As for becoming an assassin, she is pretty strong and fast, with more training and experience, she will learn things but she is only young compared to the 30 years later.
        Now as far as Sebastian shaw goes, he is actually a combination of a few characters i think. I believe Sebastian shaw did originally create the hellfire club, which is a group of mutants who are basically out for themselves. Emma frost, when she takes over from Xavier, reforms the hellfire club as another team of X-men whom directly answer to her.
        As for the weak and unconfident x men, OF COURSE!! How many people do you know are born with a masters degree in engineering? It takes time to learn new things, and they are kids! Plus it was unpresidented ground they were treading in training mutant abilities. It would have been a shit movie had Havok just obliterated them all at the very start because he was a master skill shot with his energy blasts. Angel was played by Ben Foster and only in X3 but he should have been in first class.
        Just to let you know, Hugh Jackman isn’t immortal and therefore does in fact age, he is allowed to grow older. And the reason they are called cameo’s are because it is a small guest appearance, otherwise it would just be called a role. The reason they weren’t given bigger roles is because having hugh jackman in a leading role would A) Cost a fair amount and B) Take away most of the limelight from up and coming actors who need the exposure.
        As for the concentration camp scene, it is all completely re-shot and shot at a slightly different perspective that you should notice if you play them side by side, the attention to detail to the original scene should make you astounded once you notice. And the reason to include that scene is for the rare few that either haven’t seen the original or have forgotten. Sorry if that part was so boring for you, but the creators weren’t specifically making this movie just for you.
        And as for Bret Ratner, he is a tool, but the MTV cribs thing was meant as a joke, it is called sarcasm.
        I agree that x men origins wolverine was a bit rubbish but it did have some good bits, same as X3. But if you hate First class for your reasons then i would probably just stay away from marvel movies in general. Lol! Especially thor and captain america!

  30. Try not to make excuses for those paradoxes appeared in the series, which i think was couple of them but thinking about these 5 movies were written and directed by different people. it is obvious that there would be some paradoxes.

    and also there are some huge ones like the problem with emma and moira but things like xavier walking or on wheelchair are can be easily forgotten.

    remember it’s not harry potter all written by one person in order of happening. this franchise has been writen bye money comic book authors and i believe different scenario in the case of the movie.

  31. Try not to make excuses for those paradoxes appeared in the series, which i think was couple of them but thinking about these 5 movies were written and directed by different people, it is obvious that there would be some paradoxes.

    and also there are some huge ones like the problem with emma and moira but things like xavier walking or on wheelchair are can be easily forgotten.

    remember it’s not harry potter all written by one person in order of happening. this franchise has been writen bye many comic book authors and i believe different scenario writer in the case of movies.

  32. Good movie, but I haven’t seen one Sentinal throughout the entire series and since Shaw is already head of the New York Hellfire Club, he should have already financed the Sentinals, had his wife killed by one, wiped out the old heads of the Hellfire club, and maybe even already fought Nimrod. As a middle-schooler, I lived for X-men, X-Factor, etc., and Sentinals always haunted mutants, but the movies haven’t introduced them yet.

  33. What really annoys me is that Logan gets shot in the head in X1 and the bullet penetrates his adamantium skull. But in Origins after they have put it in his body, all the bullets hitting him go flying in another direction. So thats a huge miss IMO.

    • how close was he to the guns in each chace(im bad whit spelling)and are you shure it was x1 and not x2

    • if you wanna pay attention to that kind of stuff then this should be interesting for you. well, i think professor x shouldn’t technically be able to do anything with logan’s mind since his skull is metallic. I mean his brain is being protected by a metal just like magnetos.

  34. Also, it states that when Charles, Raven and Magneto were 12, it was 1944. But 18 years later in 1962, the credits state that they are 24, when they would be 30.


  36. Piss poor continuity. Nothing was connected. Why they did it that way was beyond me. But they were probably more concerned with a good story and some schmo writer made this treatment and it was the best one so in order to make some bucks out of the franchise they used it.

  37. The first time I saw the movie I was kind of mad that it didn’t even connect with the other 4 movies. im glad you thought the movie was good in my opinion it sucked but that’s only because I followed the trilogy but for anyone who didn’t see the other movies or they just don’t pay attention to detail the movie was pretty good :)

  38. You’ve all missed the single biggest problem:

    Prof X loses the use of his legs in a battle with a character known as Lucifer….not by getting shot! They just up and changed one of the most fundamental parts of X-Men that has survived all the reboots and rewrites and different versions!

  39. In First Class, Moira could not remember anything after she kissed Charles at the end of the movie. In Last stand, she remembers Charles when she was treating the bed ridden patient.

  40. A few things:
    One: I think in the next movies to come will get to a lot of this. I think in X1 Charles was talking about the Ceeribro now not the old one.
    Two: I think that something will happen to Emma Frost. Just a thought here: Maybe once Stryker captured her he tried to make her the first deadpool, but only thing that could last was Wolverines long life which caused her age to decrease (Not great but something like that.)
    Three: Alex Summers is not Scott’s brother in the films. He is related but not his brother.
    Four: I think that due to Moria being so close to the sub when it’s reactor was going 100% it caused her to become a mutant with slowed ageing and increased intellect as she is a doctor of some kind in X3. Also THERE ARE MOE MOVIES TO COME AND I THINK THAT ROSE BRYNE WILL BE IN THEM AND SHE WILL REMEMBER!
    Five: Eric and Charles where always friends. Charles could have had Eric killed by his X-men, Sabertooth or himself when he was in that jail with no helmet, Eric could have killed Charles many times too.
    Six: In future movies, Charles might say Scott was his first student as he is upset about what happened to the other. Alex and Banshee could die and he was not able to stop it. Or he did not view them as students.
    Seven: Said that he met Eric when they were Teenagers, he could have lied or still though of himself and Charles as teens as when they met they both where not in total control of their powers.
    Eight: The Angle in this movie is different than the one in X3. Also, the one in X3 is only seen for what? One minute? I would take this one over than the one in X3.
    Nine: Many mutants can have slow ageing, so seeing Storm is not that big of a deal.
    Ten: If people are still mad about Mystique’s hair color, well she has not gone into said form for a long time before becoming mortal so, it not being in the sun could have lost it’s color.
    Eleven: One finale thing, remember that they are doing more films Second class Third class etc. so a lot fo these things will most likely be answered.

  41. Most of the continuity errors can be ignored by trying to explain them. For example the cameo at the end of origins with charles walking could have being an illusion crated by him. The cerebro that hank created was destroyed during first class, so magneto could still help professor x build the new one, since they never stooped being friends. Emma from origins was not emma frost, she just has the same name and similar abilities not to mention that the emma from origins did not use telepathy. Sabertooth’s abilities could have evolved from origins to x-1, making him more feral and could have even forgotten about his brother. Wolverine appearing on first class does not change anything about his meeting with charles on x-men because so much time had passed that both magneto and charles could have forgotten about wolverine after all they talked to him for a second. The only thing that really affects the continuity is the recruitment of jean because charles was walking but we could just ignore this scene. Also the scene on x-2 with beast could have being someone else representing beast as someone stated above.

  42. In XMOW Gambit says “When you said you were going to kill everybody, I thought you may have been exaggerating.” When wolverine didn’t actually kill anybody except Deadpool, and he wasn’t even after him. Ha.

  43. There are so many loose ends, but they are going to make more movies. They are doing an origins movie for Magneto (even though they kinda covered it twice…) And they are doing one of The first “real” class of xmen. Prof X wasnt really the professor in first class, just like a team leader.

    I am crazy confused about the bullet to the back thing in first class and then walking in origins-wolverine. kinda weird…maybe itll be explained later.

    Alex Summers is explained as Scott’s older brother in the films…so i guess the timeline would make sense. Alex is in the 1960′s, Scott would have to be about 11 or so years younger….ish, using an altered timeline of maybe 1970′s (not 1980′s). Which would also make the age sense for Storm, etc. Also, there are two angels (the one with real wings and the fairy with fireballs).

    I’m not a huge buff, but i have been loookin up reasons for all the discrepencies.

  44. I have not read all the post here, but one thing that is missing in the ARTICLE,
    is that Alex Summers(Havok) is Scott Summers(Cyclops) little brother.

  45. Anyone trying to justify the continuity errors is really stretching. There are errors and no getting around it. I love the movie, but hate the errors. I think the First Class film would have had a better ending if Eric and Charles had maintained a friendship and tried to start the school together, rather than taking opposing sides so quickly. If they really want to make a few sequels of this one, they should have the two fighting side by side for a while. I especially find it hard to believe that Magneto and Xavier formed a life-long bond of mutual respect and understanding in the short time they knew each other in this movie. They seem destined to become bitter enemies rather than close friends.
    The first three were powerful exactly because the two were never enemies, only ideologically opposed.

  46. All in all. Movies are meant to be followed. Just as the first X-Men movies were. Wolverine who is he, He goes to where he was directed ny Professor X, Jean disappears, Scott is crushed as is Wolverine (all in order). Origins are suppose tohelp us with why these ones in X1 to X3 are who they are and how they got there. Comics are one thing and were made as Soaps (to continue, that’s why so many tragedies and come backs). But movies are a different thing for us loyal movie goers. We want to be able to “follow” what’s going on, so that we are not confused. Because unlike comics where these same characters can be drawn to look exactly the same over a 50 year period, real actors do get old, die, and can’t be replaced. Unless like Batman, its done about 20 years later and our kids can’t complain or question what’s going on. But for the sake of this generation of followers now, we have the right to complain and say “What?!?” As mentioned, these main film guys who are about keeping the money coming don’t want to wait til Bryan Singer to finish one project they rather scramble for the next and the next. Even in movie bonuses the people behing the scene say stuff like “oh, at first I was busy, I didn’t like the story line, then for some reason they say ok I guess”. ANYWAYS, be prepared to be disappointed with changes in the next ones too. I LOVE Wolverine. He was super hot in X1, but everyone after that he’s looking more like the guy next door then an X-Men. He’s still hot but changing too much from onevie to the next. And for those who are giving up what could happen in the next, the movie makers are probably reading these to put together the next movie cause they’re not as imaginative as we think.

  47. Emma Frost fetches ice for Shaw’s drink, umm hello! That’s some pretty salty stuff, right? Salt water is my game so I should know.

    • Depends on where the ice came from. Glacial ice would be pure. Probably iceberg ice for that matter, as well.

    • Salt water is your game?
      Read the class 6th geography school book it shows a chart that tells a lot of the FRESHWATER is present in the poles,on glaciers and on ice caps .i am an 8th grader and i know better so which game, glucose drinks?

  48. In first class Agent stryker’s son William (stryker) is mentioned whereas william was so old in x men origins wolverine that he was about his father’s age which was year’s ago and the same william appears as he should be after first class
    IN X3 and XMOW charles was shown walking and bald . IN XMFC he can’t walk but has hair.In XMOW charles finds emma in XMFC shaw finds emma

  49. I have the rea l answers to all of yours questions. No maybes no ifs. Thing is Xmen 123 and Wolverine were set in the ‘New X men’ comics series (search it on google or wikipedia) and First class was based on ‘Uncanny X men’ comics series (search it too). There are many alt. series. Ultimate X men, Astonishing X men,X men The Hidden Years, For eg, In Ultimate men charles loses his legs due to an accident in which a cane like wood bark hits him. In astonishing x men , Jean is dead but charles is not.

  50. So beast says the cure won’t change their powers, only appearance. But he has prehensile feet that allow him to monkey walk upside down. So how the hell is he going to do that with normal human feet?

  51. ur all gay as shit but solved my problem…..cheers fags

  52. I don’t know if anyone pointed it out, but another continuity error would be Alex Summers. He’s supposed to be the younger brother of Scott Summers. Which would mean, according to First Class, Scott would be about the same age as Xavier, but clearly in X1-3 he’s a good amount younger than Charles.

  53. The only “continuity error” that really bugs me is that Xavier makes a point of saying the flight suits at the end of the movie are bullet proof an then he gets shot. Yes, I know there is no blood, and it could have paralized him by impact but it would have been so much easier if he stopped with “these suits will help with the G Force”

    I’m also fairly certain that In hte first X-men Xavier says that Scott/Jean/Storn were “some of his first students” which is pretty vague.

  54. why couldn’t emma frost’s character be the same person? a lot of mutants don’t age quickly. at the end of first class she left with magneto, so why couldn’t she have been captured by stryker later on in origins?

  55. Havok is the younger brother of cyclops. havok is in first class which makes him older than cyclops is in x1 and origins

  56. To be quite honest i think your all being extremely pathetic. Just because there are some contiuity mistakes and the movies do not line up together perfectly does not mean that they do ot follow the comic books. The movies were designed to bring the comic books to life. So what if there were some errors. Get over it. You all watched them, more than once most likely, so it is obvious you like them. They are freaking comic book movies, based off of the classic comic books. Oh, and to clerify the comic books do not follow each other either. There are several “alternate universises” in x-men as well as any other Marvel comic book you read. My guess is that you guys are not only complaining about x-men but about Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man as well. Well before you continue your bitching maybe you should invest in some of the original comic books. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Kirsten, this is a webpage about x men movie errors, if you don’t like reading it why are you on this page. we are all big fans of the movies, there is also plenty of good things in the movies, we are just pointing out some of the errors.
      GET OVER IT!

    • Hate to piss in your cheerio’s of superiority but, this is not a comic it is a movie. The fact that there are *alternate* story lines is the whole motherfucking point. They are DIFFERENT stories butt weasel. What kind of retard thinks it is feasible to tell a visual story with 20 goddamn versions of the characters all in there own stories?

      They made sequels, that means the intent is to CONTINUE the chosen plot line. If you don’t CONTINUE the plot line, you have continuity errors and it serves as a major obstacle in allowing viewers to suspend belief.

      Before you open your gaping face hole maybe you should invest in a clue.

  57. Yeah Scrottie is right SHUT UP KIRSTEN!!!

  58. Ok 1) learn to spell my damn name right 2) i was just being “obvious”. The movies arent all made by the same director so they are obviously goigto be different. I’m a comic book geek all around and I’m damn proud of but ya’ll are just gettin pathetic. Calling each other “bitches” over a damn disagreement over a movie. there is a reason i got on this sight and you and your smartass comments aret needed there is enough negativity so like i said before. theses pety fights are pathetic because it is a movie. So Thank You and Have A Nice Day.


  60. the other thing is that on first class they go see Wolverine and he is old already, meaning that for the last stand he would have been way older like 80 or something, maybe wolverine doesnt get old because of his mutant healing capability?

  61. Idiot, Wolverine doesn’t age! Get you facts right!

    • Wolverine does too age, he just ages at a very slow rate cause of his mutant ability. He will eventually look old, but will take many many years to do so.

    • he obviously does age because they show him as a child through his current age.Seems like he just stops in his 30′s or so.

  62. Wow Scrottie Mcboogerballs actually has some balls.You know it’s not very nice to call a girl a “cunt”. That’s just not the proper way to treat a girl and just because I’m half black does not mean you have to call me a peice of shit. I’m simply speaking my mind and your getting in the way of that. Now if you continue to call me mean names I’m going to get very upset and I will say some very mean things so please do not piss me off anymore. I may be a bitch but I’m surely not a cunt. I love X- Men so please stop being such a dick.

  63. Yeah, Cause Scrottie Really Knew You Were Black!

  64. Im really thinking magneto helped charles walk in the beginning of the movie. That was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the new Xmen,”HOW THE HECK COULD HE BE WALKING AS AN OLDER MAN” so i kept replaying it…When they get out the car, charles says “thank you my friend”…or something like that. So if charles has metal in his liegs…magneto heped him stand…Just my thinking!!!…Im glad others noticed that…the people i told seemed to think i was crazy. …And in what scene was storm seen in the new movie…Im lost on that one becaue i havent seen her yet!!!

    • …As far as Wolverine..I wondered that too…but in the first Xmen movie when they were looking at his xray when he was on the table, Jean says its impossible to tell his origins, he was in so many wars of different time periods and when he was sitting at the table with that old man, and he made the comment about riding that motercycle when it first came out…and the old man said he was too young. That was another clue he doesnt age that fast.

    • shes a small kid with white hair in one of the scenes when charles is useing cerebro

  65. Beast came up with the original cerebro. What I got from X-2 is that Magneto helped the professor build the cerebro set up that was in Charles’s mansion.

  66. i am going to tell you one thing this isn’t the prequel it is the reboot by disney. disney owns marvel studios now and are restarting everything so they have the rights to it all xmen the avengers the punisher spiderman daredevil and also starting up luke cage moon knight and dr. strange and also i hope to see them use captain america in a movie with the other 5 super soldiers but they weren’t perminent transformations like the wizzer. also you should be comparing the movies with the comics cause those are the real mistakes like the ceribro one that is a mistake.

  67. Stepping away from First Class and onto Origins. Victor (depicted as Sabretooth) and Wolverine’s half brother go through a lot in Origins (including saying they’ll be there for each other at the end). But then in the first X-Men their brotherhood gets no mention, nor does anyone care, plus presumably dies without any sort of care from Wolverine.
    Also, back to first class, Mystique is shown as Xavier’s best friend, although finally leaving with Magneto, their old friendship along with growing up together is never mentioned.

  68. Inconsistency:
    In Xmen 1, i think it was storm or jean, said to professor (about wolverine) “He could be older than you, professor.”
    The professor replies something along the lines of “I don’t think so.”
    We know from Origins that wolverine was born before the civil war (thus older than the professor). Also wolverine lost his memory at the END of Origins. Which was when Scott was still young and definitely after the vietnam war (which wolverine fought in) which was during of the cold war era…
    The Professor read wolverines mind (in first class) thats why he didn’t try to get wolverine to join, he knew that wolverine wouldn’t.
    Wolverine, hugh jackman, is over 40 years old. They first meet (in first class) when Professor is i guesse around his 20s.
    THUS Professor KNEW that wolverine IS older than him:
    1) either by his brief meeting in the bar 40 y/o vs 20 y/o
    2) or by reading his mind THAT same time in the bar, and knowing wolverine is over 140 years old

  69. Wolverine and Sabretooth’s relationshp are never mentioned after origins,( or befor in this case), is because Wolverine canot remember his life. When he was injected wth the metal it supressed all of his memories. So really itwas because he couldn’t remember that it got no recognition.

  70. Just a note about ownership. Marvel has just about NOTHING to do with the X-Men films. Fox owns the film rights, and the reason continuity sucks and they pay no attention to comic book details (like Frost not getting her secondary mutation until much later, or Alex Summers being the younger brother of Cyclops) is because THEY DON’T CARE. They are only using the names and intellectual property to get suckers to pay to see the movie. They don’t care if the continuity is off. They don’t care if powers are wrong. They don’t care if ages are all screwed up. They don’t care if relationships are misrepresented.

    All they care about is that they have the rights to use those names, and the basic character outlines (powers, general look, etc.) to make THEIR OWN stories with those bits and pieces.

    Don’t bother trying to explain continuity between these films. THERE IS NONE. All you’ll find is that X-Men: First Class was a cheap cash-in on the X-Men film rights. They took some unused/half-developed Cuban Missile Crisis screenplay and crammed the X-Men characters into it for marketing reasons.

    Until you people stop paying to see Fox do this to the X-Men film rights, you won’t see a proper X-Men film produced by Marvel Studios. All you’ll ever see is Fox’s version, where the mutants exist in a world without any other superhumans, and where continuity only sticks as long as it fits with an individual director/producer’s “vision”.

    The same goes for Spider-Man. If you pay to see Sony’s version, you’re just encouraging Sony to keep making bad versions of Spider-Man, instead of letting the film rights fall back to Marvel Studios.

    This movie was a mess because YOU let it be so. You settled for it. You got what you paid for.

  71. the fact that mystique was a blond in first class isn’t an error as she is a shape shifter and her blond ‘jennifer lawrence’ form was just one she had selected for the sake of ‘looking normal’.

  72. TBH i have seen nothing but complaining about films matching up with each other i watched the x men cartoon when i was 12 and was so chuffed when they decided to make a live action movie,the fact that they have made more is just brill but i would like to point out that they have taken diff periods of the comic and made the films the reason why there are parts where things do not add up is because its not continued from where the films finish but jump maybe a full series and that sometimes misses the little details that makes it all make sense they try to add little things in to make the films make sense but some of those things are completely not from that part of the series and for that people question and point out its wrong .
    to those people stop complaining me myself am still looking forward to when they bring Sinister or even better Apocalypse into the films there are simply loads of different angles they could approach with new films

  73. there was no Stan Lee cameo because it wasnt a Marvel Studios film.

  74. dos anyone know if there is a “avengers VERSON OF THIS site

  75. I hope that, by now, people realize that X-Men: First Class is a Reboot of the X-Men franchise. The continuity issues are obvious, which is why it’s a clear reboot. As I had it described it was “inspired” by the X-Men Trilogy, but not a true prequel.

  76. I may be mistaken because I haven’t seen X2 in a long time but didn’t professor X say to Magneeto about Mystique something along the lines of “She is flexible isn’t she?” to which Magneeto replied “Oh you have no idea!”. So if all of that is true then isn’t that a mistake since professor X is supposed to know mystique from childhood? I am probably wrong since as I said I haven’t seen X2 in a while and I am not a fan of the film either, but I definitely remember Magneeto saying that to someone about Mystique because I remember my uncle saying “He probably has fucked her at some point”

  77. Well there is a lot more.
    ->In X2, Striker said: “Wolverine you’re were an animal, i only give you claws”, but in Wolverine origins he has claws since childhood.
    ->In X2 the Wolverine’s Adamantium transformation took place 15 years before, but it doesn’t seem that striker is 15 years younger in X-men origins-W.
    ->In X-men and X2 we believe that Wolverine lost his memory in the Adamantium transformation, but in X-men origins he lost his memory with an Adamantium bullet.
    -> X1, Professor X meet Wolverine for the first time ( “He could be older than you professor”, storm said), but in First Class, Charles and Erik meet Wolverine in some bar/pub.
    -> X3 – Last stand, 20 years before, P.X and Magneto meet Jean, as a child, for the first time. Well even if that was at the time, they were looking for mutants in First Class, they are musch older in X3, and doesn seem that have passed 20 years since the cold-war, between USA and URSS, and “not in a distance future”, from de X,X2,X3 sagas.

    Please help me with this, this is more confusing than Lost series.

    • Its because fox has the rights to x-men, and they have to make a movie every few years to keep those rights. So they keep making movies with NO consistency, and screwed up character bios.

    • This article is about First Class. You are bringing up other movies.
      Anyways, here are my opinions:
      -Anything about Wolverine’s memory loss is pure speculation because the two people who were there don’t remember it.
      -They didn’t meet Logan, they introduced themselves, and left when he responded. I doubt either of them would remember this 30 years later, either
      -USSR. Not URSS

  78. How about havok being in it, but in the comics he is cyclop’s LITTLE BROTHER! cyclops isnt even born in first class so how is Havok alive!

    • I was just about to point this fact out, alex and scott arent even that many years apart, also the movie would have tied in quite nicely if it was Angel , iceman, cyclops, beast, and jean .

  79. In X2 in reference to Nightcrawler ProfX states Nightcrawler’s movements are inexplicably erratic. Funny that it’s inexplicable since he met a teleporter in First Class.

  80. Also, did anyone go back to X1 to see if Wolverine had a hole in his head from being shot in the Wolverine prequel? Adamantium doesn’t heal, but in X1 when they x-ray the hell out Wolverine and then later show a close up of an x-ray of his skull, there is no hole. :)

  81. First Class was meant to be more of a stand alone film, because the people at Fox thought that the third movie was a bomb for fans. They were deciding to revamp the series and they did a prequel because nobody enjoyed where the third film was headed. The previous films were tied with X-Men origins Wolverine, but even this was considered a prequel (his origin) because the third X-Men was considered rubbish. I love all of the movies, but the reason beast was a blue cat-like creature is because that was Astonishing X-Men beast. The issue I have is how crappy it is that they made Havok be a part of the team instead of the original x-men from the books. I realize that they wanted to introduce new characters, but you can’t have Shaw without Jean Grey. She’s the effin Black Queen…gotta do it right. With all this said …I loved all of the X-Men movies and this was probably the best one. My main problem was with the horrible acting coming from the white queen actress. Her body was fine, but she couldn’t perform well as an actress when it came to reciting her lines. She was just a big boobed robot walking around sounding like she was reading a prompter.

  82. The sequel to First Class, Days of Future Past will be with time travelling so that seems a good way to get rid of discrepancies.

  83. I’ve been fortunate to see some of my comic book heroes/villains on screen in good movies in my lifetime, . . I hope for the day when Marvel has all of its important licensed out properties back under its own umbrella if for no other reason than to build it’s own complete universe with all the major players (Spiderman, X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four) that crossovers, cross conversations / mentions and one distinct timeline can at least shape/guide the movies released. They may have to reboot every decade give or take a few years due to aging actors, but it’d be good to have a cohesive, coherent universe where we don’t need Kang to explain the time plotholes. Now that would be a huge development, big and small ramifications of their actions in the others ~ even in the cartoons or tv shows…

  84. Most of the time issues are problems in the comics as well. Considering that the original X-Men were teenagers in 1963 and have barely aged by 2013

  85. The only point you made that doesn’t make sense is the whole Mystique being cured thing.

    Blue is her default form but it’s still her mutation.

    Why would she MAKE herself blue? It’s always been obvious that blue is her “natural” state. It’s still a MUTATED state though.

    So curing that makes her look human. It doesn’t mean she had to actually ever look human, it just means that’s what she WOULD have looked like if her cells didn’t have the mutation.

    There’s no problem here, and it all seems very simple and obvious to me.

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  87. EHHH wrong. In X-men first class, the movie doesn’t “establish” that mystique’s blue form is her true form. That’s just was magneto told her, clearly due to his disposition towards mutants and bias towards humanity

  88. There were also many questionable things just between Origins and the first two movies about the bonding of adamantium to Wolverine’s bones.

  89. I remeber the original X-men which were Cyclops. Beast, Iseman and Angel (Worthington). They at soke point fought the new X-Men where Wolveribe killed a femal but at the end this was al in Charles’ mind. In fact it was explained that then original four were in his mind. Very odd. I believe this issue was #100 possible.
    As Far as “First Class”, I have one big problem and that is Logan. How can he never age when Charles and Eric are young???

  90. Here is a link to the issue I am talking about. The female is MArvel Girl but the point is that Stan Lee needed to introduce the new X-Men.

  91. The main thing i came to see if anyone had noticed was one of the top things on the list. It’s about how professor xavier could walk in the origins, but he was paralyzed in the sequel(first class) which took place in the past. that bugs me every time i see it.

  92. First Class is great! But you can’t take it as a parallel universe because of the Wolverine cameo. I would like to think of it as completely ignoring Last stand and origins, both pieces of crap

  93. The second bulletpoint is incorrect because it was under different cercumstances because they were going to talk to Jean.
    I agdree with you on the different ages, but I think they should start fresh with a xmen series and go from there
    Also about the different timelines its most likely based on the earth-616 or Earth-818.

  94. Not going to read through all of the above in great detail, but there have been a lot of discontinuities in all of the x-man related movies thus far. I’ll add one more that bugs me (although it may have been mentioned above)…isn’t Havok supposed to be Cyclops’ younger brother, and was an x-man after Cyclops became one? Why introduce him in First Class? and then have a young Cyclops in the first Wolverine movie?

  95. Look, I liked X-MEN FIRST CLASS. But honestly? It really screwed up the time continuity more than any other film in the franchise. Some people are willing to recognize this. But I noticed that many others are willing to make excuses for the lack of continuity. Even worse, they’re willing to make excuses for the lousy costume designs.

    I could write an article on how much the continuity was screwed up. And the only ones I can blame are Bryan Singer and the other producers; and director Matthew Vaughn and the screenwriters (along with Vaughn) who wrote this film.

  96. Just because Charles and Eric had already parted ways does not mean Charles may not have simply asked for Erics help in recruiting the most powerful mutant either of them had seen, Jean Grey. That doesnt constitute a break in continuity, they were friends up until Charles’ death with Eric even asking Jean not to kill Charles. And in the film where Charles dies he mentions an ethical study his Mora is doing which involves transferring the conscience of one man into a brain dead man, then in the post credit scenes of thay film we see a man lying in a bed hooked up to several machines he says one word “Mora” she respomds by asking “Charles?” thats whete hes “reincarnated.”

  97. this is why you dont change directers and actors and screenwriters… and maybe fox did the three first movies as a stand alone story and then when they had a huge succes they decided to make more due to fans demands.. and well the attached ideas and scripts and books and storys together where they slipped a couple of unexplained things.. because maybe they never thought they’ll continue the story… on the otherside disney and marvel know that they’r making like 50 films attached together so they dont make mistakes like these that happens in x-men..

  98. I agree that we have continuity problems. But I don’t think they are oversights. Remember in “Days of the Future Past” there will be a lot of time traveling and messing with the PAST. Remember the clusterfuck of three McFly’s in the same time in “Back to the Future”? The answers will come. This isn’t “Lost” where they planned to reveal it all in 10 seasons and explain everything but where forced to use a “snowglobe” ending in the 6th having been dissalowed the four necessary seasons to accomplish the task!

  99. That would solve a lot of problems if First Class was separate from Wolverine Origins and X 1-3. Unfortunately, Days of Future Past is supposed to be a sequel to BOTH Last Stand AND First Class (yes, I like to use to cheesy method of ALL CAPITALS WHICH IS ONLY EFFECTIVE WHEN USED SPARINGLY, though) I think DoFP will also fix the future so that the disaster of The Last Stand never happens. Although how they’re going to supress Jean Grey from becoming Dark Phoenix is beyond me! And can we all agree that no matter how y’all feel about Wolverine Origins and X3, could The Wolverine have been a bigger stinker? God did that movie suck! And the dialog with the “heavenly” Jean, wtf?! She’s pissed at him for killing her but she asked him in Last Stand to “help her” and he very reluctantly did, hello? What an insufferruble bitch she becomes in heaven, eh?

  100. Oh, and Logan was immortal BEFORE the adamantium injection, survives multiple deaths from major history wars including a firing squad AND a fucking nuclear explosion as revealed in The Wolverine, but still when his adamantium is suppressed, a few shitty bullets threaten to almost kill him?! Could they have made him any WEAKER in that?!

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  106. I can see the confusion but apparently now the Emma in origins wolverine actually isn’t the Emma frost from first class, it says the Emma from origins actually isn’t the real ‘Emma Frost’ it is just the sister of Kayla and the real Emma Frost is the first class one even though they resemble a lot. Here is the link read the full story on the emma frost confusion – . The next point is (you probably already know by now) that when Xavier gets paralysed at the end of first class it is only temporary and he regains his ability to walk (Days of future past evidently) and next is just guessing but Erik and Xavier from first class have to work together again in Days of Future Past so maybe after the events of future past they decide to stay and continue to get gifted for the school after and then once again they separate when it comes to X-men (2000). Lastly mystique is only blonde because she hides in that form because she doesn’t want to be blue so that isn’t her true ‘human’ form just a disguise to look like one, when she is ‘cured’ from it it reveals what she would really look like if she wasn’t a mutant.

    The rest i left out i either can’t explain or i can explain it except it is a bit more complicated but that is some points to read please and also please read the link because the Emma frost thing confused me too!!

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  109. You know guys. Now after Days of Future Past you don’t have to care about this mistakes in First Class, because everything what happen in X-men, X2, X-men: Last Stand, Wolverine and X-men Origins: Wolverine is probably never happen

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