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E3 2011: Pikmin Coming to Wii U

Posted on June 7, 2011

Remember that one GameCube game, Pikmin? Well, the third game was originally being developed for the Wii, but after today, it looks like it's heading for something even better.

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Pikmin 3 was long in development. As a matter of fact, Shigeru Miyamoto hinted the game back in 2007.

"I certainly don't think we've seen the last of Pikmin. I definitely would like to do something with them, and I think the Wii interface in particular is very well suited to that franchise."

The third game was originally planned to be released this year on the Wii to celebrate the series' tenth year anniversary. Well, after Miyamoto witnessed the capabilities of the Wii U, he decided to finish up the game's development on their latest console.

"I think that's the perfect system for Pikmin. So we're going to make it for that."

Miyamoto also said that since they've already put a lot of time into development, the game should be arriving pretty soon on the Wii U.

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