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eSPORTS: Legendary Pro Gamer to Attend NASL & MLG: Anaheim

Posted on July 7, 2011

Those who are familiar with the Starcraft 2 and Starcraft: Brood War scene know him. He has a personal fanclub that boasts an impressive 600,000 plus members, and has his own "Best of" games DVD compilation. That's right folks, I'm talking about the one and only, the Emperor of Starcraft: Broodwar, Slayers Boxer himself. It was recently announced that Boxer will be attending both the finals of the North American Star League, as well as MLG as a part of the League Exchange program that Gomtv's GSL has with MLG.

In the Brood War era, Boxer rose to fame due to his creative play style. The race he chose to play as was Terran, a race that was seen as a relatively weak choice in comparison to the other two StarCraft races at the time. Boxer innovated many new strategies which are still used today, most notably making much more effective use of the Terran Dropship unit than had been achieved in the past. He is also well known for his excellent micromanagement skills and macromanagement sense. With his recent switch to Starcraft 2, Boxer has accomplished many things: starting his new Slayers Team as well as mentoring his protege, SlayersMMA, who successfully took the championship at MLG Columbus. However, his own track record has been a bit bumpy: in the most recent GSL Code S, Boxer was eliminated by oGsZenio in a 1-2 matchup, and dropped into Code A, where he was eventually eliminated by AsD. Despite his Starcraft 2 career having a few bumps, Boxer is still regarded as a figure to be feared by his opponents and has potential to return as a top player within the competitive scene.

NASL finals: SlayersBoxer "The Emperor" vs. oGsMC "Kratoss"
In the NASL finals happening this weekend in Ontario, California, Boxer will face off against another Old Generation team member, Min Chul. MC, nicknamed the "Suicide Toss" and "Kratoss", is seen by foreigners as a young competitor who is known for his cocky attitude and confidence in his skills, yet respected as a fierce competitor due to his track record. With such victories as two GSL championships, Dreamhack and Copenhagen Games titles, and several other top 3 finishes in the international scene, the match between MC and Boxer will be a highly anticipated one. According to NASL statistics, MC has a 67% win rate against Terran in Korean events at 29-14, while Boxer comes in at 50% in TvP with a 5-5 mark.

Major League Gaming Anaheim
Boxer was announced as one of the four foreign pro gamers that will be appearing at MLG as part of the League Exchange from the GSL. He will be arriving with his fellow team member and apprentice, MMA. There are still two players that have yet to be announced to fill the remaining two slots.

Stay tuned as more details from MLG and NASL are announced!

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