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MOVIES: ‘Green Lantern’ Sequel is Uncertain

Posted on August 3, 2011

No matter how much you loved/hated Green Lantern, the news that Green Lantern 2 is being considered is not surprising. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes about the box office performance on the highly marketed Green Lantern film and his thoughts on a potential sequel.

It's no doubt that a combination of the disappointing $52.6M in the US and negative reviews from critics can be determining factors of Warner Bros' next move. Although Green Lantern was not a box office hit as the company hoped to be, a sequel hasn't been ruled out yet.

When THR asked Jeff Bewkes about how he felt, he replied:

"It did not live up to expectations - fell fairly far short of those," Bewkes said. Still, he didn't rule out a sequel at this point, saying that he was not in a position to tell at this time if there will be one. "We will be deciding that in due course," he said. Sources had previously told The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. was not giving up on a sequel.

To be honest, I would still like to see a sequel happen despite the disappointment I felt from the first attempt. To this day, I think Green Lantern was fairly entertaining with their visuals however, the script lacked in development of ...everything. If a sequel were to happen, I really hope they spend more time with the screenplay while maintaining great visuals.

So how do you guys feel about a sequel? I think it's a smart move that Warner Bros. is really taking the time to consider this rather than just irrationally dumping anything "cool" out.

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