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GAMING: ‘Resident Evil Revelations’ Trailer Reveals Some Major Boobage

Posted on September 9, 2011

This year's Tokyo Game Show debuted a new trailer to Resident Evil Revelations, showing us that it is still the best looking game for the Nintendo 3DS. But when I saw the trailer, all I saw was boobies in a wetsuit.

So, did you notice the eerie atmosphere of this game, or just the huge melons on Rachel? I mean, how impractical is that outfit. I'm curious to know why that front part of her suit is missing. Hm, maybe it would allow her to be more agile during combat? C'mon Capcom, you can come up with a better character design than that. And What the hell is up with her hair? You can't even see her face.

Sadly, this trailer is supposed to demonstrate some element of horror, but I didn't get a sense of that at all. I just found it kind of silly.

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