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TECH: iPhone 4S Details

Posted on October 4, 2011

Apple has just released details on the new iPhone 4S which includes the full spec breakdown and a release date for not only the iPhone 4S but iOS 5. Other nifty features like AirPlay and Siri were also introduced and will also be available for use on the 4S.

First off let's talk release dates. The 4S will be available on October 14th (next Friday). You may begin to place pre-orders starting October 7th. Sprint carriers will be happy to hear that the iPhone 4S will now also be available on Sprint's network. The 4S will be available in black and white and the 16GB version will start at $199. You'll have to fork over $299 for the 32GB version but there is now a 64GB version which will cost you $399. iOS 5 and iCloud's release dates were also revealed. They both will be available on October 12th.

Now on to the good stuff, what is new about the iPhone 4S? Well, for starters it is now sporting Apple's dual core A5 processor which should boost the graphics and processing power significantly. Apple boasts that the the dual core A5 chip should be able to improve graphics performance up to 7x. Battery life has also been improved with the addition of the dual core. Expect about 8 hours talk time on 3G, 40 hours of audio playback and 10 hours of video.

The camera has been upgraded to 8-megapixels which will also be able to record video at 1080p. New hardware has also been added to improve picture taking in low light settings. The lens itself has also been upgraded and now can achieve an aperture of f/2.4. It will take you about a second to open the camera and snap a picture and just half a second to take pictures in succession.

One interesting new feature of the iPhone 4S is Siri, which turns your phone into your own personal assistant. Siri will recognize basic voice commands like, "Send text message to Jane Doe" or "Call John Doe" but you can also use Siri to look up directions, find local restaurants and dictate texts and e-mails. It may seem like Siri is just like any other voice command on other recent smart phones but the thing that separates Siri from the rest is that you can talk to it like you would a normal person. With other voice commands on other handsets you usually have to use a set way of asking for things, like "Open text" or "Find Restaurants, Local" but with Siri you can say things like, "Tell my wife I'm running late". You can also ask Siri questions like, "What are some good pizza places around here?" and it will locate restaurants around you. If you decide you want something else, you can tell Siri, "Chinese sounds good tonight too" Siri will remember your previous question about pizza places and will than search for Chinese food restaurants.

AirPlay will also be available on the iPhone 4S, which will allow you to wirelessly connect your handset to any Apple TV and Apple speaker system. With AirPlay Mirroring actions that you conduct on your phone will be reflected on your television.

So what are your guys' thoughts on the 4S? Does the new additions like the dual core processor and Siri entice you into making a purchase? I know a couple of my friends loved their 3GS when it came out, so do you guys think that the 4S will also receive the same kind of adoration? Let us know your thoughts and whether or not you want an iPhone 4S in the comment section down below.

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  1. Not too much change, but I’m a sucker for Apple products. I’m probably going to be picking this one up.

    OH, and RIP Mr. Jobs.

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