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GAMING: Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V & Final Fantasy VI Arrive on the PSN

Posted on November 3, 2011

Super awesome news for all you Square Enix fans (more like Squaresoft fans, but whatever). Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI will be coming to the PSN!

The official PlayStation Blog made the announcement earlier today.

The first one that will be released is Chrono Cross, the sequel to the SNES masterpiece, Chrono Trigger. It was released on Japan already back in July, but it will be available to North America next week on November 8th.

Final Fantasy V was released in April for Japan and Europe already, but we'll be getting that on November 22nd. As for the Final Fantasy VI (my favorite of the while FF series), we'll be getting that on December 6th, again, months after Japan and Europe. Ah, why do they get all the good stuff first? Oh well, can't complain now, because they're finally coming here!

For you trophy hunters, these games are going to be released as PSone Classics, so no trophy support will be added. As for the price, expect $9.99 like most PSone CLassics.

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