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MOVIES: New ‘Popeye’ Film Gets Two Writers

Posted on November 3, 2011

Hollywood once again reaches into our childhood and grabs another beloved property to reinvent, and it looks like they're going to be doing Popeye this time around. But instead of having it live-action like the image above from the 1980 film starring Robin Williams, this new film will be animated.

Sony Animated Pictures has actually been working on this movie since last year, but according to ComingSoon, the project is beginning to move forward, hiring Jay Scherick and David Ronn to pen the script. This will be their second project with the studio, who recently did The Smurfs earlier this year. Although most critics smashed on the movie with negative reviews, it grossed a good $550 million.

The new Popeye will be in 3D, and is produced by Avi Arad. The producer also had a few things to say about the upcoming project:

"Popeye has been my childhood favorite character. To me he was always the everyday man who gets special powers and actually becomes the first superhero in the best meaning of the word. When Scott Sassa called, Ari and I were beyond excited to be working with Jay Scherick & David Ronn and Sony Pictures Animation to bring this iconic character to the big screen in glorious stereoscopic 3D. We enjoy working with the Sony Pictures Animation team and with Rocky and company from Hearst Publishing. I cannot wait to go sailing!"

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  1. Yes, this is character from my childhood and movie from mr. Altman is not doing him any good. It was a bad movie.
    Hope this new animated will be much, much better :)

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