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eSPORTS: NASL Season 2 Grand Finals, Recaps & Highlights

Posted on December 16, 2011

December second through fourth was the North American Starleague's 2nd Season Finals, held in Ontario, CA. While the first season's games were intense and nail-biting, season 2 definitely raised the bar in terms of competitiveness. Many amazing games were played, and major upsets were had. Here, we'll go recap the event and talk about a couple of the highlights.

In the Round of 16, the most notable upsets were Evil Geniuses' Chris “Huk” Loranger, an MLG and Dreamhack Champion losing to Team Mouzsport's Hasuobs. MTW's Dimaga, a fierce and well known Zerg player falls to imba.FXO's Brat_OK, a Terran player. In the rest of the Round of 16, Greg “Idra” Fields dominates Brat_OK's fellow team member Strelok in a clear 3-0 victory, Hero defeats fellow countryman Hwangsin 3-1, Sen ousts Dimaga's teammate TT1 3-1, Morrow defeat's his own teammate Mana 3-0, Puma narrowly takes out Teamliquid's Sheth 3 to 2, and finally, Thorzain, another Mouz player who bust through NASL's Open Bracket Tourney to get to the Finals, overpowers EG's British player Benjamin “Demuslim” Baker with 3-0 victory.

Notable Games
There were three series that found to be highly notable and therefore of a must-see quality. Those specific matches are Puma's Round of 16 match against Sheth, the first encounter of the powerful Terran player Thorzain (who also sports a great track record) during the semifinals, and the grand finals series between Puma and Hero. The best series out of the three was definitely the revenge match that started during Dreamhack Winter between Puma and Hero.

During Dreamhack Winter, Hero seemed so well composed and strong, and was able to best Puma with a narrow 4-3 victory in a best of seven series. However while Puma let the Dreamhack championship title slip away and headed home to lick his wounds, he was ready to take his revenge during NASL's season 2 finals. Players that stood in his way tried their best to stop Puma, and two players (Thorzain and Sheth) nearly did nearly achieved that but Puma's determination pull him through as he rolled through. Finally, while Hero himself did well all the way up till the finals, Puma proved that this tournament belong to him, and him only. This time, with his head held high, Puma stood victorious over Hero and takes the season 2 championship title.

Other Highlights
Multiple Casters: NASL provided 9 casters and 2 guest Emcees for the grand finals for noth Heroes of Newerth. The Casters attending were: Husky, Day [9], DJWheat, Gretorp, Orb, Mr. Bitter, Rotterdam, with the two guest Emcees being Twitch TV's Justin “TheGunRun” Ignacio and longtime Brood War Commentator Zach “Diggity” Smith. The HON casters attending were Nicholas “BreakyCPK” Caras and Phil “TheThrill”.

Red Carpet Entrance: Truly a testament to treating all of their players as stars. You can check out the video here:

Extras: A live, “Live on Three” show, and the Day [9] Daily done on stage was the icing on the cake to a great grand finals. On Live on Three, a new game was announced to be added to the broadcast of NASL: Tribes: Ascend.

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