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HUMOR: Shawarma Sales Have Skyrocketed Since ‘Avengers’ Release

Posted on May 9, 2012

If you watched The Avengers and have no idea what the image above is, then shame on you (some advice). But for those who have watched this scene, you might get a little kick out of this.

If you've watched a Marvel movie before, you'd know that they are infamous in putting after credit-scenes, hinting on sequels, and sometimes, just for fun. Well, remember toward the end of the film, Tony Stark mentions a "shawarma joint nearby?" Well, one of those post-credit scenes (don't worry, this isn't really much of a spoiler) has the Avengers team munching down on some shawarma. And according to TMZ, it looks like that scene has boosted local shawarma sales.

One manager, from Ro Ro's Chicken, has said that "shawarma sales jumped 80% in the days after the movie opened." TMZ has also contacted other shawarma joints, and they've all said about the same thing.

Pretty funny stuff. And you have to admit, after watching that shawarma scene, you wanted some shawarma too. I sure did.

NOTE: The shawarma post-credit sequence seems to have only screened in U.S. theaters North American theaters (thanks to reader Neil Hurst for the heads up).

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  1. hahahahaha. hilarious. this scene was soooo awesome

  2. Haha!! we in the UK never left the film until the end credits where finished and NEVER found a post credit sequence! US theaters only :)

  3. The scene is also playing in Canadian theatres

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