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MOVIES: Wanted 2 Moving Forward, Director Describes Script as “Shocking”

Posted on June 19, 2012

From the director of the first Wanted and the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Timur Bekmambetov reveals some insight on the upcoming Wanted sequel. He doesn't give any plot details, but he says that the next installment will be "shocking," and it will end with a "great twist."

During an interview with IndieWire, Bekmambetov said this about Wanted 2:

"An unbelievable thing happened three weeks ago. Because we stopped, we didn't know what to do for three or four years. Three weeks ago I came up with a great idea and I pitched this idea and everybody fell in love with it. And now I think we're on track. Right now the writer is working on the script, and it will be shocking."

Then he goes on to reveal that the people who died in the first film won't be back for the sequel. I guess that means no Angelina Jolie?

"It's a continuation of the story, with Wesley Gibson. Other people are dead, you know, we can't bring them back. The story is the same character, same mythology, but it's got a great twist."

I assume at this point they will definitely stay away from the original comic's story, but regardless, I'm still excited for this sequel. How about you guys?

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  1. going to be interesting to see how they run with this since the brotherhood was in essence destroyed except for Wesley will keep eyes and ears open for more.

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