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MOVIES: Paramount Options ‘The Legend of Korra’ As Possible Future Film

Posted on August 22, 2012

The Paramount Pictures animation division has been awfully quiet since it launched about a year ago, and besides an announced sequel to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, there hasn't been much development from the studio. Well, it looks like that Paramount is starting to formulate a schedule for a couple of new film ideas, and The Legend of Korra is one of them.

With Nickalodeon being a sister studio to Paramount, that gives the them plenty of IPs to work with, especially with all the television properties they can use. Besides the already confirmed SpongeBob sequel, Variety says that Paramount is also looking to do Dora the Explorer and Monkey Quest. Of course, the one show with the biggest promise on the big screen is Korra.

Of course, one fear that comes across everyone's mind is the possibility of this film being as bad as M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Well, the good thing is that Paramount is looking to make the Korra movie an animated feature (so that would eliminate any "whitewashing" or making any other unnecessary changes), which could also mean the production could be reusing the original voice actors to play their roles. Also, seeing how Shyamalan's film bombed, they'll probably get the show's creators to write, and get someone more capable to direct. The Avatar world is rich in terms of story and mythology, so there could be tons of things to explore for a feature length film.

I'm sure a Legend of Korra film would be a lot better than the live-action mess we got in 2010. Maybe after they finish up Season 2 with Book 3 and 4, Paramount will begin production of the movie. I loved Korra (read my season one review HERE), so I'm really looking forward to possible Korra movie. Anyone of you guys want this to happen?

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  1. So long as the creators of the series write it or at the very least oversee it, I have no problem.

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