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MOVIES: Title to JJ Abrams’s Star Trek Sequel Confirmed

Posted on September 9, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised with how great JJ Abrams's 2009 Star Trek sequel/reboot turned out. With that said, I'm really looking forward to what he'll have in store for in the sequel. As of now, we don't really know much about the plot, but we finally know the title to the second installment.

TrekMovie is confirmed the title to the Star Trek sequel will be Star Trek Into Darkness, according to multiple sources. They creative team underwent a long process in selecting the new title, with one not even including the words "Star" or "Trek" in it. If you also take a look at the title, there isn't a colon either (i.e. Star Trek: First Contact). Paramount hasn't made the official announcement of the title yet, as they're currently looking for ways to present the new title, either though a new graphic or type, or possibly a new teaser poster or image.

ComingSoon has also reported that Paramount has registered the domains and, neither of which has any content. Both sites have were registered on September 6 under an anonymous domain registry service that Paramount Pictures also used for their G.I. Joe: Retaliation site.

So what does "Into Darkness" mean? Well, we don't know. Perhaps this could be refer to the crew traveling into the deep darkness of space, or that this film will be taking a much darker approach in terms of themes and plot. I guess we'll just find out whenever Paramount releases more details on the film, and possibly a trailer.

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Posted by: Richard Fagel
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